BEDROOM COLLECTIONS – Bringing Dreams Home

We offer a large selection of bedroom furniture and accessories that is sure to please even the most discerning tastes. You’ll find beautiful wood furniture in modern, traditional and casual styles in rich woods such as cherry and mahogany. Everything from simple designs to ornate carvings are offered in this exquisite collection from Magnussen Home.
  • 71900
    71900 - Ashby
    Finish: Patina white
  • B1398
    B1398 - Harrison
    Finish: Cherry
  • B1475
    B1475 - Kentwood
    Finish: Creamy white
  • B2026
    B2026 - Kasey
    Finish: White
  • B2491
    B2491 - Bellamy
    Finish: Peppercorn
  • B2590
    B2590 - Calistoga
    Finish: Weathered Charcoal
  • B3341
    B3341 - Windsor Lane
    Finish: Weathered White
  • B3561
    B3561 - Pine Hill
    Finish: Rustic Pine
  • B3803
    B3803 - Mill River
    Finish: Weathered charcoal
  • B3804
    B3804 - Abington
    Finish: Weathered charcoal
  • B4056
    B4056 - Brookfield
    Finish: Cotton white
  • B4095
    B4095 - Cheswick
    Finish: Washed linen grey
  • B4104
    B4104 - Carlisle
    Finish: Finish
  • B4220
    B4220 - Raelynn
    Finish: Weathered white
  • B4352
    B4352 - Lancaster
    Finish: Dovetail Grey
  • B4353
    B4353 - Bellevue Manor
    Finish: Wood: Bisque, White: Weathered Shutter, Latch Back, Farrel Linen
  • B4398
    B4398 - Bay Creek
    Finish: Toasted Nutmeg
  • B4399
    B4399 - Westley Falls
    Finish: Graphite
  • B4400
    B4400 - Heron Cove
    Finish: Chalk White
  • B4646
    B4646 - Tinley Park
    Finish: Dove tail grey
  • B4769
    B4769 - Modern Geometry
    Finish: French Roast, Palladium Metal
  • B4805
    B4805 - Paxton Place
    Finish: Dovetail Grey
  • B4864
    B4864 - Alys Beach
    Finish: Dark: Stormy Sea, Wood: Driftwood, White: Cultured Pearl, Bright Pewter, Twisted Ice
  • B4877
    B4877 - Atelier
    Finish: Nouveau Grey, Palladium Metal
  • B4991
    B4991 - Hadley Grove
    Finish: Dove White
  • B4993
    B4993 - Hamlin Park
    Finish: Russet
  • B4994
    B4994 - Palisade
    Finish: Sandblasted Sandstone, Bronze, Fabric: 9287-7
  • B4995
    B4995 - Wentworth Village
    Finish: Sandblasted Oxford Black, Bronze, Fabric:9287-7
  • B5003
    B5003 - Lola Bay
    Finish: Seagull White
  • B5005
    B5005 - Radcliffe
    Finish: Sanibel
  • B5006
    B5006 - Milford Creek
    Finish: Lark Brown
Not all products available in all locations.