Finish: Steel drums

Nickel finish bin pulls displayed on the fashionable steel drum finish is tailored made for a fabulous retreat in the Graylyn Youth collection. This refreshing palette of a cool gray features a variety of slumber options that include panel and bookcase headboard, in addition to a stylish lounge bed, and bunk bed offering trundle storage options.

Y3572-30H - Desk with Hutch
Product Information
  • Y3572-30H: Desk with Hutch
  • 50"W x 20"D x 42"H
  • 127cm W x 50.8cm D x 106.68cm H

  • Y3572-30: Wood Desk KD
    50"W x 20"D x 30"H

    Y3572-31: Wood Hutch SU
    50"W x 8"D x 12"H

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Y3572-54 Y3572-54
Y3572-54RR Y3572-54RR
Y3572-54SR Y3572-54SR
Y3572-58 Y3572-58
Y3572-58RR Y3572-58RR
Y3572-58SR Y3572-58SR
Y3572-59 Y3572-59
Y3572-64 Y3572-64
Y3572-64RR Y3572-64RR
Y3572-64SR Y3572-64SR
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Y3572-70S Y3572-70S
Y3572-71 Y3572-71
Y3572-71S Y3572-71S
Y3572-85 Y3572-85
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