58500 - Ponte Vedra
  • 58504

    28" W x 28" D x 22" H
  • 58506

    38" W x 38" D x 17" H
  • 58511
    Fossil Sofa Table KD

    49" W x 18" D x 28" H
  • 58526

    48" W x 30" D x 19" H
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Ponte Vedra is perfect for many of today’s interior neutral color palettes. Note its unique use of rough-cut Mactan fossil and polished Pastor fossil stone in the bases. This intriguing contemporary design supports 3/8 inch patterned beveled glass tops creating an airy lightness in contrast to the solid bases.

Finish: Natural Finish.
Materials: Rough Mactan Stone. Smooth Pasteur Stone. Glass tops.
Hardware: None
Special Features:
  • 10mm tempered Glass Tops with 1” bevel.
  • Bases are constructed of rough mactan stone and layered with smooth Pasteur stone.